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Monday, July 16, 2012

Somewhere out there...

I realize by now, wild rumors are flying that I've lost all my fingers in a freak sewing accident thus impairing my ability to type.  These rumors are not true.

I haven't been blogging because we had a rather quick move in April.  So I've been busy with that.

In addition our new internet + my old computer = I want to scream and while putting my fist thru the screen.  I HATE being online currently.

I'm sure a bucket of money will show up on my porch any day now (I'm due for some good luck) at which point we will purchase a new computer and I will blog my thoughts freely again.

In the meantime, my kids are lovely and healthy as ever.  My new place is getting settled-ish. aaand.....  I got a perm.  YIKES!  bold move.

P.S. I"ve been spammed hard in my absence so I've been blocking followers like crazy.  If I blocked a friend by mistake, please let me know!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Book Club: Out of Print

These books come to you today from my own collection. They are old, they are fabulous, and they are out of print. But if you can find them, they are worth the search.

Stand Back said the Elephant, I'm Going to Sneeze! by Patricia Thomas. c.1973
this one is a little easier to find because of it's reprint in 1990. it soberly teaches kids to cope with the aftermath of a natural disaster...
I kid! but it does describe the zany happenings to the poor animals who fall victim to Elephant's super-sized sneezes. warm up your inner thespian, you will have to read this in voices.

(the zebra after his stripes are blown off.)

Dean's Mother Goose Book of Rhymes by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone. c.1977
I wanted this book so desperately when I was pregnant with Parker that both Grandmas hunted it down for me on e-bay. I now own two copies. No. you can't have one.
If you do ever find this for purchase, BUY IT. Just now I've been looking at it online and in 6 years the price has jumped from $20 to $150!

It's just your basic treasury of nursery rhymes, but the thing that makes it so special is the illustrations. They are just beautiful. B.E.A.utiful. I spent hours as a kid pouring over the pages. Anything illustrated by Janet and Anne is worth adding to your collection.

I Know a Giraffe: A Tall Tale by David Omar White. c.1965
This gem was picked up for us by my bro Andrew and his wife Julie who spend their time sifting through used book stores. This quirky book leads kids on a guessing game about what that whacky giraffe is turning into next. And once again - love the illustrations.

You can indulge in more vintage books here on Modern Kiddo.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The bug turned four.

and he has informed me he is now a Caden-Tiger. we'll see.
he didn't get a party this year. but he did get a custom made balloon tiger.

he got to eat dinner dinner in a trolley car - which he loved!

and he got that tiger cake he asked for...
I know what you're thinking...
mine is a bit more orange than the first.

but I don't think he even noticed.
{note the new tiger figure next to the cake. Caden named him Captain Tiger.}

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book Club

I like living nestled up to the mountains. I like families of deer passing through my yard and spotting rams on the foot hills when we drive to school in the morning. But I don't like not having a library. I especially don't like paying $80 to use the library less than ten minutes from my house. But I paid it. so Caden could go to story time. (apparently the library is getting wise to freeloaders and is now registering for story time.) Now to make the most of my recent purchase, I am going to review some of the books we check out.

I always go with 3 tried and true books from my youth, one for Judey, and then I let Caden peruse the shelves and pick the one that catches his eye. And so far, he has done well!
Tudley Didn't Know by John Himmelman. A most darling book about a turtle unaware of his limitations. I love the message it teaches kids - you can accomplish more than common belief. The illustrations are beautiful and the biology section in the back is a plus!
I Used To Be the Baby by Robin Ballard. I know we all have read make way for baby books, but I felt this one was different. It focuses less on the displacement of the older child, and more on his new important role as big brother. With specific scenarios where he can be involved, each presented an opportunity for discussion that Caden was a willing participant in! Reading this was eery. Like Robin Ballard has been peeking through our windows, pen to paper. But Caden adored it.
well, I'll be back with more goodies for you to check out with your little ones.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kelsi's Shower

Liam Bennet Nevin is my new honey.
He asked that I post pics of his baby shower since he is 2 weeks old now.

and since I actually had someone take photos for me this time...I should!

Here is sweet Mama.

We had blank onesies and assorted appliques.

the results were adorable.

Tip: always have the comfiest seat in the house reserved for the lady of honor.
and position it next to the gifts.

we had blonde mustache pops for Kelsi.
a friend let me borrow her candy mold. but you can buy one here.

the after party.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Garbage for Christmas

wrap odd shaped gifts in empty food boxes. Caden may be disappointed when he opens his box of fruit snacks and doesn't find any.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Madame Geddes' guide to perfect children

Do you find that your children often behave like monsters? These easy to follow guidelines will have your youngsters on their best behavior in no time!

1. Observe an early bedtime. A child who is up all night is prone to a cranky disposition.

2. Spend quality time with father. Children need a male figure to set a disciplinary tone in the household.

3. Provide proper nutrition. A balanced diet will produce a balanced demeanor.

4. Don't suppress laughter. Playtime is also essential to release a child's extra energy, encouraging obedience in turn.

Yes, at times exercising constant discipline can be draining,

but the reward of seeing your little monster turn into a little angel is well worth the effort.


Thursday, October 27, 2011


A couple of months ago, I took the boys to our McDonalds to eat and play. After maybe half an hour of the play land, Caden came down with very wet clothes. It always bugs me when people let their kids take food in and I assumed someone spilled a drink. Not long after a girl emerged with a pee spot on her pants. She told her family she'd had an accident. That's when I looked up at the equipment. The slide was DRIPPING. I could not have been more disgusted. I yanked Parker out of there (also wet) and we went straight home for a shower.

Before we left, I told the employees it needed to be cleaned and wondered if it actually happened. Then just today I saw this clip that made think about it:
(sorry, they won't let me embed.)

Needless to say, I am totally grossed out. We don't eat there that often, and our McDonalds is still new and I'm sure doesn't have as many problems as these Phoenix ones do. Still - I will definitely be more cautious.


P.S. This clip is little old. No improvements were made to the play equipment, and Erin Carr Jordan has since been banned.